Perimenopause: Skincare and Makeup…Part One

The years leading up to menopause defined as perimenopause can be quite daunting and challenging to our emotional and physical well-being.   Fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety, mood swings, bloating, headaches, irritability, lack of focus, foggy brain, sleep disruption and dry skin are just to name a few of the many symptoms you may be experiencing.  I know this all too well as I am in the thick of it and have been for quite a few years.  Symptoms can start as young as 38 and since I will be celebrating the fabulous age of 50 in September, I would like to take the time to help you understand skincare and makeup in these delicate years.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Perimenopause!

I have experienced so many changes with regard to my skin and that of my clients with the number one complaint as “feeling lack-luster and dry” no matter what the season.  Time and time again while I am applying makeup to my clients their skin is super dry including their lips (though I must admit I see this with my younger clients as well).  My advice is always drink plenty of water and green tea, exfoliate and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

If you are familiar with Laini Cosmetics you know that all of my products are infused with ingredients to address these concerns including vitamin C; hence my C-Suite skincare collection and vitamin E; all of my lip products are drenched in vitamin E to keep your lips soft and hydrated.  Of course, a skincare regimen in your early years is a prerequisite to achieving healthy skin throughout your life time no matter what phase or Act you might be in.

It is imperative to nourish your skin with topical skincare products during perimenopause (as well as taking supplements) containing collagen, vitamins C, D and E; chamomile extract, aloe vera, cucumber extract and shea butter.

Let’s start with a lesson on these key ingredients and their benefits for your skin….

Collagen – the most abundant protein in the body responsible for skin strength and elasticity

Vitamin C – reduces fine lines and wrinkles; stimulates new collagen

Vitamin D – enhances radiance and builds elasticity which is lost in the aging process

Vitamin E – antioxidant and skin-conditioning active that restores lost moisture

Chamomile Extract – Soothes irritated and problematic skin; contains flavonoids that can diminish skin blemishes

Aloe Vera – A cellular regenerator that has antibacterial effects and anti-inflammatory properties

Cucumber Extract – A natural astringent that is an anti-inflammatory and skin soother

Shea Butter –Moisturizing and nourishing

The days may be long but the years are short and I hope this topic of discussion is helpful in navigating your transition into menopause.

Stay tuned for Perimenopause: Skincare and Makeup…Part Two.

With style and gratitude,