Perimenopause: Skincare and Makeup….Part Two

I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend and the start of summer.  I took a much needed break and unplugged for a little while.

While driving to and from different places on vacation, I encountered many construction signs and roadblocks.  I recognized these signs as a metaphor for the second part of my blog post – Perimenopause: Skincare and Makeup…Part Two.  This is a sensitive time in your life when you must pay special attention to the many symptoms shining a bright light on Perimenopause.  You need to yield and slow down in order to continue your journey and proceed to your highlighted route.

In my previous blog post I defined key ingredients you should look for in your skincare products that will assist in nurturing your skin to give you the best results in these delicate years.  These ingredients should also be found in your makeup, i.e., foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB cream, etc.  Referencing my earlier Web MD Magazine Expert feature, “Trust your foundation to be the last step in your skin care regimen instead of the first step in your makeup application.”  A vital tip when trying to maintain balance in your skin during this fragile time.

One of my most coveted products is my BB Cream (an essential element in my beauty routine) drenched with aloe, cucumber and ginseng extract.  I wanted to be sure to offer a part skincare, part makeup ready-to-wear product that provides superior skin protection while hydrating with sheer, radiant coverage that restores light to your skin.  My BB Cream is meant to be worn alone to capture a youthful glow but you can certainly layer it or wear under a more heavy coverage foundation for flawlessly smooth no-filter needed skin.

Never underestimate the power of the brow especially as we age!  A thicker defined brow delivers a more youthful appearance and overall lifted look.  Your brows are the frame and focal point of your face.  Many women start to lose brow hair or it just won’t grow back from the many years of waxing and tweezing.  I have fabulous brow products that are easy to use to achieve your desired look without an hour-long YouTube tutorial.

Moisturize your skin from head to toe including your hair.  Hair tends to lack moisture, become very dry and grow at a glacial pace around 45.  One of my personal favorite hair care lines is Oribe.  I simply adore this line as it restores and protects your locks.  I am borderline obsessed with the signature scent!  It’s outrageously delicious!

Fifty is clearly not the new 40 but our greatest years are still ahead as long as we take the time out to care for ourselves and know we are fabulous at any age.  I’m just getting started!

I do hope these tips I have shared will help you during this time.

With style and gratitude,