Defined Brows and Bold Lips

Your daily makeup routine should not be taxing or time consuming. Creating a flawless and radiant look is easy to achieve with Laini’s products whether custom infused bespoke foundation or tinted moisturizer. Laini’s mineral based products are packed with gentle botanical infusions that not only even skin tone, provide coverage and create a natural glow, but nourish the skin as well. Once the base is applied the following steps are just as simple. 
Brows frame the face and add definition that is immediately noticed. Think of the most legendary beauties- Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn, all have distinguished brows, uniquely shaped to enhance their facial features. This is achievable for everyone, even the most challenging or sparse brows, using the Laini Cosmetics brow kit, The Brows Have It! This “must covet” compact contains four shades of brow powder, a wax to seal the finish, and double ended angled brow brush and spoolie. 
The application is a cinch using just one compact. Simply add the powder that best matches your brows onto the angled brush. You may want to customize the color by starting with a lighter shade and building with a darker powder. Begin to fill in the brows, follow your natural arch to create a more pronounced shape. Using the spoolie, comb your brows into place. Once you are finished, add a small amount of the wax to set the finished look! 
Let’s move onto lips; the final step in the makeup trifecta. Whether you are applying lip gloss, matte or sheer lipstick, lips appear fuller and more beautiful if they are exfoliated. Adding a lip product on top of dry, flaky lips will only create an uneven surface. To truly create soft, kissable lips, first use a polishing scrub. Try Motives Lip Pumice. This gentle polish removes any unwanted dead skin and leaves lips looking smooth and luscious. Deep and rich colors are the best way to incorporate the color trends of the Autumn season. Apply Rio, a beautiful bordeaux lipstick shade for day or night. You can easily apply using Laini Cosmetics lip smudger brush or straight from the bullet. Rio is creamy and luxurious in texture and contains vitamin E, a powerful ingredient packed with antioxidants to keep your lips looking smooth and youthful. The holidays are approaching quickly and Laini Cosmetics is introducing the Classic Collection, which includes wine stained lip products. They are inspired by the glamour of vintage styles and one of four brand new collections!

The combination of these products instantly illuminates the face and enhances your beautiful features. Once your makeup is complete the formula is incredibly long lasting and will take you from morning rush hour to midnight rendezvous. 

Luxury Lipstick collection in Rio, a beautiful creamy bordeaux color.

Joyride lipstick, Hot lips lipgloss, and Cherish lip liner.
The Brows Have It! Eyebrow compact with double ended angled brush and spoolie.

Laini Highlights- featuring Ashley Lauren Basla

Who: Ashley Lauren Basla, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sugarpeel, a lifestyle blog dedicated to the world of beauty, fashion, art, and food 

Profession: Writer, Content and Brand Strategist, Marketer, Blogger 

Naked without: A well fitted blazer and red lipstick

Always in bag: My Laini Cosmetics lip gloss in Naive. It’s the perfect color to wear alone or layered over any color lip product.

Describe your style: I would describe my style as classic and sophisticated. I love layering in the fall and winter with capes and tuxedo jackets over cozy sweaters.

Best piece of style advice: Always dress for your body type above any trends.

Beauty tip: Make sure to wash your face before bed no matter what! Apply moisturizer day and
night, and if you are a side sleeper, invest in a satin pillowcase to avoid wrinkles.

It’s girls night out (GNO), what’s your go-to makeup look? I love a smoky eye using metallic bronze and rich chocolate shades. Independent is a wonderful palette, which includes both blushes and eyeshadows with just the right amount of shimmer. 

“Strong bold brows take center stage with the focus on a bronzy complexion and candlelight glow. A more subtle sophisticated smoky eye is on the horizon for day or night with softly sculpted cheeks and rich berry hues on lips and tips.” Laini Bianculli 

Products to re-create the look:

Camera ready primer
Ballerina Bronzer

Naive lip gloss
Independent palette– smoky eye 


Introducing a new series, Laini Highlights. This week we will be featuring the newest member of the Laini team, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sugarpeel, Ashley Lauren Basla. In this edition, Ashley will discuss her beauty routine and tips for a healthy complexion.


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