Rebranding is Delicious

Rebranding is Delicious

Branding your business is exciting but rebranding is delicious.  It’s similar to the preparation and presentation of variations to your favorite recipes with necessary ingredients and other components added to give it an individual luscious flavor that only you can create.

Rebranding is a process that should be led by your inner sanctum in complete silence. Quiet the noise of your daily regimen, tap into your soul, listen to your evolving style and the rest will follow.

Rebranding allows your mirror image to let go of the old, embrace your experiences and all that is new.  Similar to the decades of design development with a new silhouette or new cosmetic enriched with actives and intense pigment that captures the essence of your creativity and courage.

Rebranding your business is the ultimate in courage to crystallize your ambitions and campaign to define what works and refine what doesn’t. 

“If an entrepreneur informs you that they are rebranding congratulate them.” 

They have persevered and evolved with grit and a true growth mindset and the taste of success is imminent.

Cheers to making it count in 2015.

With style and gratitude,

Laini Bianculli

Style/Beauty Expert

Time Honored – Holiday 2013 Post

My work schedule has been saturated for the past few months that I haven’t designated time for one of my greatest passions. I knew it was imperative for me to find the time to write and share an inspired life, style and beauty post with you.
The 2013 holiday season is in full swing coat style and so is the time honored tradition of elegant black and gold. This stunning intermix is my favorite duet any time of year. It is no surprise that Charlotte Olympia’s “On Time Clock Face” delicious black and gold suede ankle bootie would be my muse as I stumbled upon this fabulous bootie months ago while featuring my “Shoesday” blog but it just wasn’t the right time to post. My instinct informs me the time is today.
BGX1UN0 mx black and gold dress black and gold nailpolishblack and gold rins
black and gold eyeshadowAs the year winds down, from head to heel, I reflect on all that is and I am so very grateful for the many blessings and treasures bestowed upon me and the hope of another beautiful year ahead and plenty more styled time whether vintage, classic or modern.
“All in good time” and “In the blink of an eye” may be cliché but time reveals the merit of such words and phrases from “catwalk to sidewalk” so I ask what does time mean to you? I believe it to be the most valuable gift in the present moment as I live and breathe in my physical form.
black and gold giftwrapTime’s unique value proposition waits for no one, stops for nothing, heals the soul, provides opportunity, grants patience and teaches many lessons. It may be the most precious gift we could wish for and receive, for Auld Lang Syne, no gift box or wrapping paper required.
Merry Christmas, happiest of all holidays and happy and healthy New Year!
With style and gratitude,
Laini, The Style Maestro